June 8, 2008


When my grandmother died I was a total mess, I wanted to die. My grandmother died a month after Gerard and Mikey's grandmother Elena died. When I heared the song Helena on TV I felt like I could relate to it so much I din't know what it was about untill I researched it. When I got the second album I couldn't put it down because I could relate to every song. It made me want to live again and made feel like I had a purpose in life.

The stuff the tabloids say about them telling people to kill themselves is a a bunch of bullshit. They're telling us to wake up and enjoy life to the fullest be happy and be yourself, don't listen to what anyone else says, listen to your heart and follow it. So don't listen to the tabloids, listen to what My Chemical Romance has to say because what they say is the truth, not those damn magazines, they're just jealous of how big the band has become. I support My Chemical Romance all they way and you should too.

- Isabelle, 15, New York