June 8, 2008


So this is my story about how I'm not okay for the moment, but I'm getting there.

I lost my mom to cancer 12/3 this year, today it's a week ago. And I can't understand it, I can't understand how a living person can just die like that. It's so hard.. not only because I'm almost 17 and I lost my mom, no I'm also thinking of my niece. She won't ever get to know her own grandmother.

I lost my mom a week ago, and now I'm lost.. I don't know what to do. But I know this. I am going to be okay, I am going to be fine. And My Chemical Romance will help me. They'll help me through their music, the lyrics, the concerts.. and for just being who they are.

I am serious when I say that I wouldn't be able to face another day without their music. I am not okay yet, there will be times when it's just dark.. But eventually I'll get there. I will be okay, I am going to be okay.. all because of My Chemical Romance and those around me.

- Stefanie, 17, Sweden