June 8, 2008


The parents. They have gone bloody freaking insane. They have an entire freaking website devoted to hating on this band. Out of six songs on their "Lyrics" page, half of them are MCR songs and a picture of our boys is the first thing you see when you open the page. I went through every single page on this site [which wasn't fun, because I don't want to give them traffic], and here are the highlights!

Main Page:

The CBS Investigators video on it. You know, the one where they played "Famous Last Words", but skipped over the "I am not afraid to keep on living" part?

"Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the emo subculture. As mentioned earlier, my point is that the emo fad is different than the others that proceeded it because kids in this subculture are scarring themselves, and in some cases, dying."

Am I the only one who hears how ridiculous that sounds? 

"A new section is the Tragic Examples Page. This lists the names and stories of kids that were involved in "emo," and suicided. "

How dare you. How dare you mangle and confrom and twist these peoples deaths in a way that will suit you.

Self Injury: Cutting


"Some adolescents may self-mutilate to take risks, rebel, reject their parents' values, state their individuality or merely be accepted."

Show me one kid - one kid!- who cuts to "rebel" and I will show you an attention whore.

"Children who have been abused or abandoned may self-mutilate."

Abused and abandoned... hm. Sounds to me like that would be the parent's fault.

"Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about respecting and valuing their bodies. Parents should also serve as role models for their teenagers by not engaging in acts of self-harm. Some helpful ways for adolescents to avoid hurting themselves include learning to:

  • accept reality and find ways to make the present moment more tolerable.
  • identify feelings and talk them out rather than acting on them.
  • distract themselves from feelings of self-harm (for example, counting to ten, waiting 15 minutes, saying "NO!" or "STOP!," practicing breathing exercises, journaling, drawing, thinking about positive images, using ice and rubber bands, etc.)
  • stop, think, and evaluate the pros and cons of self-injury.
  • soothe themselves in a positive, non-injurious, way.
  • practice positive stress management."

Is it just me, or are none of those steps shouting OMG YOU EMO!!!!


"Many Emo's that I've worked with have an almost cavalier attitude towards suicide."

Ho shizzle, now we're a proper noun?!

"Suicide (i.e., taking one's own life) is a serious public health problem affecting many young people. In 2004, suicide was the 3rd leading cause of death among adolescents in the United States."

WOW, that info's only four years outdated!

Why don't you guys drop by their forum and tell them what's up?

By: Pinkblacktiara