August 8, 2008


Hi, my name is Chelsea and My Chemical Romance helped me stop from hurting myself one night a few weeks ago. At the time I was really stressed out because I was in the middle of exams. I was starting to study for my French test (my least favourite subject) when I heard my parents yelling from the kitchen. I was already upset from having exmas all week and I didn't think I could take anything else. I was going to cut even though I was (and still am) trying to stop, when I decided I would try and listen to some music before I did anything else. 

I saw The Black Parade and put it in my CD player, turned the volume on max, and went back to studying. Although I didn't get a lot of studying done, by the time the CD was over I felt so much better, like the music had taken away some of my problems. I didn't do too good on my French exam, but I did good enough to bring my mark up from a 60 to a 64.

-Chelsea, 15, Canada