August 8, 2008


In the winter of 2007 I started to have many problems, Like I had to deal with my mums alcohol problem and the fact that she might have cancer.

Then I heard My Chemical Romance and that gave me much needed comfort in those hard times and for a few months, everything good happened to me: Trough a finnish kind of bebo like thing, IRC-galleria I met my most important friend; Tiia. And that was through a My Chemical Romance channel. And trough her, another really important friend to me; Janita. I already had one good friend ; Elina.

We decided to meet cause we're all My Chemical Romance fans and already talking trough the messenger I felt a nice friendship between us instantly.

But thats not really the point how MCR saved my life. A few months after our meeting I started to feel very depressed. To easy things up, I started cutting my self, first small cuts and then when I started to feel more depressed I noticed that my cuts we're deeper and bigger. I also started taking lots of pills, and for the first time in my life I was really thinking about suicide.

My friends became really worried about me and wanted me to get help,but I always refused, believing that nobody can help me. Only thing that would stop me from commiting suicide was MCR. Also my internet friend, Aada helped me trough it but the most help I got was from my best friends. Just a few weeks ago, I was still suicidal and cutted my self but then I had this dream that changed everything.

In the dream I was at a My Chemical Romance gig and there was no-one else there. I was in front of the stage and I was wearing my My Chemical Romance t-shirt. After a while of singing Gerard just stopped it and sat on the stage next to me. He looked at my cuts in my arm and said that : " You shouldn't cut yourself or do anything else to yourself, everything's going to change to a better direction." In the dream I just started to run away from the place, tears in my eyes. I didn't know where I was running but still kept on running. Soon Gerard pulled up next to me on the street and said "I was really worried that you would do something to yourself. Promise me that you'll never do anything to yourself." I looked at him and I promised that I'll never hurt myself."

When I woke up,something just clikked in my head saying "He really is right. Everythings going to be fine, aventually,"

I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy to think a dream saved my life but it's true. So Thank you MCR for saving my fucking life.

-Rosanna, Finland