August 30, 2008


An open letter to MCR,

Why you ask? Because I’m hoping one of them’s as dorky as me, and actually reads the crap we My Chem people post on the internet. Honestly, as a fellow bipolar person, I’m uberly-proud of Mikey for coming out about being mentally ill. It takes a strong person to do that. The man’s got guts. Secondly, MCR’s pretty much saved my life. I know it sounds trite, but it’s the truth. Back in ’03, I went through a particularly dark period. I wasn’t on any meds except Effexor (which really f**k me up chemically speaking); I stopped going to my classes because I literally could not get out of bed. I’d get up long enough to eat something, put on Bullets and go back to bed.I failed my courses at University. I’m not saying where, because it’s no one’s business, except for mine. I really identified with “Headfirst for Halos” and “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville” during that period. I ended up flunking out of school, as well. (A friend of mine who goes to Mizzou got me into MCR back in ‘02. She made me download “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” and I instantly fell in love with Gerard Way’s voice and lyrics. ) Oh yes, and when I needed help after a particularly bad/abusive relationship, you can guess who I turned to; my friends who are my family, and blood-relatives of course. But most of all I turned to Bullets and Three Cheers which had just been released.

Now, I’m a high-functioning bipolar person. I’m still in school, only this time it’s Tech. I went from the field of Animal Medicine to Human Medicine. I’m in Nursing; working on an Associate’s Degree. I still adore MCR, and probably always will. I’m thankful for Gerard, who had the vision, and who is my hero because he kicked drugs and alcohol, which inspired me to do the same. We share the same vices though, both smoking and coffee; Ray who has the chops to bring the music together. Mikey, who learned how to play bass, just to be in his brother’s fantastic band. Frankie, who always brings the rhythm and a punky cadence to the music. And last but not least the f**k gun, Bob. A day without Bob is like a day without sunshine. Without you guys I’d probably have offed myself long ago, so thank you for all you do!

Last but not least, I feel The Black Parade is MCR’s Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (as a SP elitist, I feel I’m the only one who can judge and deem TBP MCIS worthy); although it should have been a two-disc set. Next time, you guys. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!!