September 8, 2008


My Chemical Romance has saved so many people from doing terrible things, including myself. I used to cut my wrists and abuse pills because of the emotional pain that I go through thanks to my family and school, along with me always thinking about what's going to happen if I don't met people expectations, and I contemplated killing myself a few times too. But I didn't, and I stopped cutting and taking pills because of MCR; they saved me. 

They gave me, along with many many other kids, and outlet for our emotions, wether they be anger or sadness. The world is full of so many terrible things, murder, war, starvation, and to say that with all of this going on that the reason kids are depressed is because of a band is completely idiotic. It's ridiculous that parents and critics are willing to attempt to tear apart a band because they won't admit to themselves and their children that they haven't always been there for them when they needed help. Gerard Way has made it perfectly clear several times that MCR wants to save your life, and they want you to keep on living and to not end your life when things get tough and take a turn for the worst. 

If critics took a good long look at the youth of today, they'd realize that it's not the music that's making us upset, but much bigger things, abuse (mental and physical), being bullied in school, society not accepting people for who they are, and much more. Music will always be there for you, it doesn't judge you, it doesn't call you a freak or a failure. My Chemical Romance is a perfect example of this. All in all, people that can't see the beatiful thing that MCR has done, how they have saved so many from themselves, don't have their eyes open to the truth of the world, and hopefully soon they will see what's really going on.

-Kaitlyn Graves