September 8, 2008


My name is Sarah, I’m only 13. I have 2 different lives, one is my school life the other my home life. School is like heaven to me, I have my group of friends that always love me for but when there’s a heaven there’s a hell, I like to call that hell home. 

My dad is never around, my brother is the biggest pervert and my mum’s a drunk, every night I cry myself to sleep, each day just before I leave school I pray that mum didn’t take her anger out on me. Every night there are tears, screams, physical and mental abuse. Every night I wanted to end this thing I call my life. I would cut myself just to see if I was alive, just to know this pain was real but when I put my headphones on and My Chemical Romance plays everything stops. 

The tears, the screams and the bleeding just stop and I smile. My Chemical Romance saved my life not just physically but mental, they made me feel better about myself and I owe them big time. I just want to thank them and I’m sure they saved other people’s lives that are worse of then me. They should be so proud of what they’ve done and achieved.

Thank you MCR.