September 8, 2008


It started about 3 or so years ago when I started Middle school. One of my really close friends had passed away for unknown causes and I started thinking about death. I realized that everyone that is close to be can die at any moment and I can br left alone in a single second. I had never tried hard to commit suicide but I had resorted to cutting. At home, my now ex-stepdad was telling me that I need to change who I am and start dressing more like a "girl", in other words pink and frilly clothes. I didnt want to change, so he started to take away things, like my music, saying that it was all the bands I listen to fault.

I couldnt take it anymore so I started cutting deeper and thinking more and more about suicicde. That is until one day when I was listening to local rock station Channel 93.3 and they played Im Not Okay (I Promise). I really liked it so I went online to find more of their songs, but my mom had already bought their CD, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I statred to see what their cause was and learned that it is okay to be different and nobody can tell you what to be. From that moment on I started to cut less and less and rarely ever think of suicide anymore. This band has really helped me more thank anyone realizes.

- Tara, 14, Aurora, co