October 8, 2008


I felt empty
I was a breath never breathed, until the music met me.
I hadn't a clue how to find myself in an overbearing world.
Conform, that's what the world told me to do.

Until I grew, and saw over to the other side.
That was where all people's hopes and dream lay asleep.
Waking when they were found and embraced.
I never knew I could ask for something.

I hate the channel that showed me the band that helped me grow strong inside.
Fucking MTV, no music, just scripted reality shows,
But burried in all the fake a truth came around.
A band, just like any other I'll say.

I saw something cloaked in mystery, which rushed the stage in a bright emotion.
I saw them all, playing along with the audience.
What the hell was this?
My eyes went wide and air rushed into my lungs, an air I have never breathed before.

It was new air, a different kind, one that made me feel HUMAN
My eyes welled up and i stifled a sad laugh,
One I would swear was directly from a hole in my chest that was just now filling.
My world went from ugly shades of grey and death to a world ALL MY OWN.

Music now spoke to me.
Art was now a weapon I held close.
Voice was the mediator of my troubles.
Head was no longer a closet but a paper with art that read a quiet phrase,
in which MCR gave.

I wont conform,
I wont sit and cry,
I wont blame myself for your mistakes,

And I will never let this perfect dream die.
Not this time.
Not ever.