November 8, 2008


This is a story I'm never tired of telling,

I would just like to say that My Chemical Romance does NOT promote self harm/suicide in anyway. Their lyrics may mention some things about the subjects. But they would never want any of there fans that look up to them and hang on there every single word to harm themselves in any way. My Chemical Romance is a caring band and always has been and will be.

You may be thinking to yourself, "Oh She's only standing up for them because she loves the band!" And yes! I do love My Chemical Romance because they have helped me through my life and have even saved it. I know with different people comes different opinions but my opinion about this whole My Chemical Romance issue is that children/teenagers do what they want and most of them are too stubborn to stop even if you tell me to. You just have to trust in your kids to make good decisions and if they don't please don't label there choice of music as the problem. Maybe there's issue at there school with some kids or even at home right in front of your face that you can't see.

Its unfair to all the members of My Chemical Romance to have and deal with this being said about them. And sure they do dress in black. But that makes no difference in any of this. Stereotyping them as "Goths" or "emos" just because of how they look is moronic. Stereotyping anything at all in my opinion is stupid.

People stating that My Chemical Romance wants there fans to commit suicide? Well that's beyond idiotic. Who would go to their shows? Who would buy their merch? Who would sing along to the songs that mean so much to the band? They would be broke and unimportant if they wanted that and I sure wouldn't listen to them if they wanted me to kill myself.