April 29, 2009


Through the wonders of Expos I had to stop by Hot Topic the other day for a tattoo magazine (research material for an essay) as I was grabbing the magazine I saw a book on MCR on the shelf and of course I bought it. The biggest play in me buying this book was the title.

Yes, the title of this book is indeed This Band Will Save Your Life and seeing that title is what made that little impulse shopper in the back of my head go "Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!" Of course I bought it.
As with most books I buy I read the back after buying the book, and after doing so I couldn't wait to read this book.

Sadly that day I never managed to find the time to start on my reading, so yesterday during second hour I began reading. I hadn't even barley gotten past the start of the introduction and I was already grinning like a giddy little kid. Most of the introduction is devoted to how much My Chem have influenced our (the fans) lives and how that was their purpose all along. It starts off with a quote from Gerard "If you keep believing in us, we'll never stop believing in you." of course that made me happy to see that but what really had me grinning was the first damn paragraph.

"As rock phenomena go, My Chemical Romance are different. sure, like a hundred other bands, the New Jersey quintet sell records, fill dance halls and appear on the cover of magazines worldwide. In addition to the uniqueness of their accessible, genre-transcending sound, what sets them apart is the very personal manner in which the group interact with their fans."

Reinhardt Haydn did a wonderful job with this biography of this life saving band in that he didn't shy away from the fact that My Chem saves lives, instead he embraced and put it into writing for all who read this book to see. Haydn wrote their story from start to now, and he went in depth to a certain extent as well. Interlaced into the text are quotes from the band, quotes that are funny and inspiring at the same time in this humble fan's opinion.

I call it a must read for any and all MCR fans. This is breath of fresh air from the swarms of media that are constantly telling us that MCR is supposed to be some evil band that promote self harm that only proves that members of the media have no insight into what My Chem really is.

By: Vampirina_08