January 11, 2010


I think we can all agree on the fact that this band has begun a new era in their life line. To celebrate the new era of 2010 I've released a new temporary layout and updated a lot of the content on this site. This will be a new beginning for us too. A whole new layout will be released later this year.

On May our site has been running for three years which, I guess, isn't that long. But it surely feels like forever. I remember founding the site in 2007 to protest against the improper image the media put over the band. We got immediate support from the fans who were touched by the issue and it pushed me to eventually give birth to the current website that later on turned out to be a loving community.

As many other My Chemical Romance fansites did, our site in particular offered a place to share thoughts and own stories about the good affect the band had. The stories flooded to our mailbox in light speed eventually spreading the word to the point where I actually started to feel like this organization was making a difference. We felt influential enough to later start to support other messages the band encouraged as well, such as being yourself, living life to the fullest and doing one good thing a day.

Since I founded this site, it's not hard to guess that the band has made a big difference in my life as well, therefore I'm not going to talk about the meaning of the band in my life this time. I'm going to talk about the meaning of this project in my life instead. I was a youngster, a 16 year old girl when I started out. Even so I had a lot to say. Other periods in my life affected on how I dressed, what I listened to or how my life in general turned out to be, but this band and this project had the biggest impact on my worldview and I had no doubt it felt wrong that the media was claiming what they did. I've grown a lot during these three years but my views are still the same, I still believe in being yourself and fighting for what you believe in.

"I listen to a band that sings about death and loneliness, I die a little inside and after a while I arise from my own ashes and so I'm alive again", is something I wrote in the beginning of this project and it still applies. I still think it describes the emotional side of me and my life. I tend to get a bit melancholy from time to time, I'm never in luck so life kicks me around quite a lot and eventually I just always burn out. Those are the days in my life when I don't want to see anyone or talk to anyone and I don't shower or clean the house, I just stare at the wall and cry a lot because I feel dead inside but in a way those exact moments are the most important ones in my life: After a few days I pick myself up, listen to something good, take a shower and create something new. I'm a new born every time time this happens and quite often I find myself listening to My Chemical Romance the moment I decide to pick myself up and live my life. It always comes back to this band and this project. They have given me like seven new lives or so.

Wherein the bashing in the media has somewhat settled down at the present, My Living Romance is still alive as a loving community. Though our main priority is no more seeking distorted articles and e-mailing to magazines and sites, we still stand up for what we believe in and the site is still here to give hope and support to those in need. I encourage everyone to continue to spread the word and join the community. I welcome your story.

Today, I took a shower and created something new. This is how the site looks for now. I hope you enjoy it, please leave a note to the guestbook!