July 8, 2008


In the spring of 2004, my seventh grade year, I was becoming increasingly depressed and even suicidal. I was in a very abusive friendship and I was dealing with a lot of things at home as well as in school. My brother was getting ready to go to Iraq and I was still coping with the death of my grandfather and the divorce of my parents. One particularly bad day, I had gotten myself into a fight with my abusive (ex) friend. She accused me about lying about my being depressed and said that I only cut because I wanted attention. She told me that I wasn't worth anything and that I'd be doing the world a favor if I killed myself. I didn't have any other friends to turn to because she had made me so scared when she told me that nobody else would want to be friends with me.

The sad thing is that she had said these things so much that she had actually convonced me that they were true. So that night I was going to kill myself. I was sitting in the bathroom cutting and just going deeper and closer to my veins when my sister's radio turned on. It was on an alternative station and they were playing Skylines and Turnstyles. I heard that song and honestly felt like someone cared about the people like me. That night MCR saved my life. It wasn't until later I found out who that song was by and really got into MCR, but I thank God or whoever's out there every day that their song found me. It saved me. If it weren't for MCR, I'd be six feet under today.

-Grace, 16