August 8, 2008


Thinking back, My Chemical Romance has never- in a direct way saved my life. However, they did change my life, in how I think and deal with situations at school, at home and with friends. I look up to them and consider them my heroes; for what they do for other kids and how they change the way music is looked at.

It all started one summer, when I was in 6th grade. I had never really been into music, and only listened to a few bands. The one that dominated my iPod and CD player at the time was Green Day. I had gone over to my best friend's house one day to hear music blaring in the back round.

I'm not okay!

I readily admit, I hated the music as soon as it hit my ears. I asked my friend what the hell he was playing. His response confused me. MCR! He said. They're friggin amazing. Every time I went over there afterwards, MCR was being playing the entire time. And it started to grow on me. I even watched their videos every time they were played on MTV hits. The first one I saw took me back to my friend's house. It was called, I'm Not Ok.

By the next summer, I had Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, though it was soon pushed the dusty, cobwebbed corner of my iPod. I didn't revisit the songs until the VMAs that August. That's when I heard that familiar voice again.

Sometimes I get the feeling, she's watching over me.

I suddenly remembered that band I had fleetingly liked. I dug out the My Chem songs from their dusty grave and listened to them more. I bought WTTBP on iTunes and counted down to the release of MCR's The Black Parade. I couldn't wait.

The day it came out, my mom handed me the CD. I quickly downloaded it to my iPod, along with Bullets, MCR's first album. I loved every song, something that was rare for me. It was now 2007. I had just found out that my Grandma was dieing of cancer, and she had two weeks to live. I found it ironic; that the band I loved had written the two horrid lines my mom said to me that day. My grandma lived for another three months.

I still can't say that My Chemical Romance has ever saved my life. They did, however, comfort me when my Grandmother passed away. They've kept me sane this pass school year, and brought me closer to my friends.

Especially when we all went to their concert on the 27 of April, one week after my Grandma passed. Everyone in that band is my hero; they all save lives and they all want to help you, even though they might not ever know you personally. And to me, that's what a true hero is. Someone who can say, I am not afraid to keep on living, and be able to stand up to what the media says.

So, thank you, My Chemical Romance, for everything that you ve done for my life, and other peoples lives.

-Emily, 13, Virginia