June 6, 2007


I've never cut myself before and i think i never will. But time ago I really feel bad about myself, about my life. I was scared about everything, scared to be hurt. I couldn't talk to people 'cause I was scared they think bad things about me. I couldn't be close to my parents 'cause I didn't want them to think I'm a bad daughter and they've failed with me as parents. I couldn't talk to my sister and friends 'cause I felt down and pathetic. That fear was taking all my life. I don't remember what I felt when I first saw My Chemical Romance, but I can tell you all how I feel now that My Chemical Romance is part of my life.

My Chemical Romance doesn't make my life easier or take my fears away. They teatch me to face them. I've learned that I'm not a bad person, I'm unique and special and every single person is. I've learned to respect people and respect myself. I've learned a lot of things and i'm sure i'll learn something new each day.

I'm thankful to My Chemical Romance for all the honesty they bring to my life. I'm not so different from the rest. But I found My Chemical Romance and that makes me feel special. 'Cause even when I'm so far away from them, I feel so close to them.

-Fabiola, 23, Chile