October 11, 2008


I am a fifteen year old girl who has been listening to My Chemical Romance since I was twelve years old. That's three years. And not once in these three years have I ever been compelled to cut or harm myself because of My Chem. I am not an "emo". I've never harmed myself. It makes me so mad when I hear stories from parents or journalists about how My Chem convinced their fans that self-harm is okay. The people that cut themselves have problems, often caused by the people around them, and these people are shallow and stupid to think that they can get away with simply blaming it on a band.

My Chemical Romance are an amazing band, with amazing talent. They've inspired me to do so many things- to write, to draw, even to learn an instrument. But never, not EVER, have they made me believe that self-harm is okay. Often when I am upset about something, I will listen to their music or I will watch their DVD, because both of these put me in an uplifting mood. The members of My Chem are compassionate and kind. They are a hilarious bunch and I often find myself laughing out loud to a random video of them on Youtube, or once again, watching their DVD.

All in all, I am usually a person to sit back and observe things like this. But I felt it my duty as a loyal fan to stick up for them. They are an amazing, talented bunch of men who give their fans hope, and for people who obviously haven't done their research to paint them as "dangerous" is just rude and disrespectful, to both the fans and the band.

- Joanne