November 10, 2007


This is a statement regarding some MCR-fans. I remember the times when all the fans were so nice to each other; helping out other fans, cheering them on, being there for each other. I remember walking down the street with an MCR t-shirt and other fans walking by saying "hey, nice shirt!" 

Now, why has that turned into "fuck, you're wearing a shirt like this too?!" Here's something someone wrote for IMCRD.

"So we claim to be an army. To be part of any army, you need co-operation, trust and bravery. But why are some of our MCR soldiers turning their backs on us? To fall in line with a conformist society? Is that what they want from us? For us to falter and fall onto our knees? We will never be afraid. We will never back down. We will never be alone. So it's time to celebrate. Not for My Chemical Romance, for the fans. For the kids who are not okay. For the kids who stuck by My Chemical Romance to the very end. For the kids who aren't afraid to walk this fucking world alone. On July 23rd, lower your guns soldiers. Do something special for an MCR fan. It's finally time to celebrate the Fans; Who put up with everyone's shit, who defend My Chemical Romance, who are told to cut their wrists because they listen to My Chemical Romance. Let's unite this motherfucking army..."