October 11, 2010


My Living Romance to this date is a big fat book of stories. Stories of different colours, layers and hooks. It's a celebration of uniqueness, opinions and respect, all this giving birth to a hell of a family. I couldn't be more proud to finally release the permanent new template of the site that is now mainly focused on sharing, commenting, and overall keeping to build this foundation together.

Let me egoistically quote myself from a recent entry; "Wherein the bashing in the media has somewhat settled down at the present, My Living Romance is still alive as a loving community. Though our main priority is no more seeking distorted articles and e-mailing to magazines and sites, we still stand up for what we believe in and the site is still here to give hope and support to those in need. I encourage everyone to continue to spread the word and join the community. I welcome your story."

It's hard to explain the bond that is born when a music lover puts the stereo on. Though I feel like I know each one of our participants, I can only talk for myself when I say that the best way to describe my emotional life would be to compare it to a doctor's office. Doctors often ask patients to determine their pain on a level 0-10. Well, I live at a constant 8. It's not a depression thing, it's just who I am; I take everyone's worries as my own and I carry the world on my shoulders. My pain, on any given day, is at an 8. It's so easy to slip to a 10 or over.

The thing is, it's also kind of easy to keep myself off from slipping to a 10. Because, as a music lover, all I need to do is put the stereo on and wait for my wounds to become scars. And before some hysteric soccer mom turns that sentence into a sign of a suicidal cult, let me specify that I do mean mental wounds and scars which -to my exploration- are way harder to heal then any physical injury.

I've heard that it's possible to grow up - I've just never met anyone who's actually completely achieved it. Without parents to defy, we decide to make rules for ourselves - only to break them. We throw outbursts of rage when things don't go our way, we whisper secrets to our best friends in the dark, we look for comfort where we can find it, and against all logic and all experience; like children, we never give up hope. And as a music listener, my hope lies within my stereo.

Forever love,

PS. The voting for our first official Romance Awards begins within a few days and will continue for a few months. I already have the nominees....