December 16, 2010


The world can be really messed up sometimes, and I sometimes begin to wonder how anyone can see beauty in such chaos. But then I look at My Chemical Romance, and I see beauty. I see this pain, this desire to reach out and just take all the hate, intolerance, everything bad from the world. I see artists, amazing, talented, unique artists who actually have something to say.
Their music touches you in a place you never even new exsisted, they connect with you on a level that you never imagined. You listen to your music and - unlike many bands - you aren't confronted with the artificiality and mudanity of normal bands, but with this excitement, creativity, and unbelievably blinding energy! They constantly evolve and grow, and us along with them.

MCR started with a mission: to reach out to the outcasts, to take their hand and never let them be afraid. To cleanse the souls of millions and rid them of hate, and they succeeded.