March 30, 2011


Gerard, in your lyrics you talk a lot about rescuing people, rescuing yourself, rescuing the whole world what do you need being rescued from or to be protecting the world from?
I think there was definitely a moment in my life when I felt I needed to be rescued and I think anytime when I was a kid I just disappeared into comic books and where there was always somebody rescuing someone else and I thought somebody was going to rescue me too, and everytime I was talking about it in a song it was just this really kind of angry cry of help because I never thought I was going to rescue anybody else.
Then I stopped needing to be rescued.
And that was a really cool thing and I think that's maybe why I write about the things I write about today.

Like rescuing people? Like Save yourself, I'll hold them back...
Yeah. That's one of my favorite song titles that I've written and I wrote it right after the Black Parade, or when the touring had ended. I wasn't saying like "I'm not going to help you out" I was saying "You've got this" you know, "I'll just go fall in the sewer but just you know, go ahead, just get our of here, shit's going to get ugly." It was more like that.

I would like to know personally because I'm emotionally attached to a lot of your songs and they got me through a lot of hard times in my life: how do you feel when fans come up to you and say you saved their lives? Because I'm kind of one of those people.
It's one of those things where I could never express the gravity of that statement. We never thought we would reach as many people as we've possibly reached or that we'd mean as much to so many people or even a one person. All we did was that we wrote some songs that meant something to us and put them out there in the world.
It chokes you up how universal music is and how much that can change everybody's lives and that's really great, but the way I feel when you guys say that or when some of you say it: I feel like you're not giving yourself enough credit. I think that the people who love this band are so strong and they're such amazing people, and we were there as a soundtrack or maybe provided you some comfort but you're the ones that have actually saved your lives. The applaus and all that, they're all for you, you guys are the best.