4th Manifesto

My Living Romance is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2007 to protest against the improper image the media put over My Chemical Romance. Numerous magazines criticised the band openly in the media for encouraging suicide and self mutilation in where in fact the band started in the first place to make a difference and to save lives. As this had become an important issue to many people, the project caught immediate attention and support from the fans of the band and other people who were touched by the issue. Even parents contacted the site to show their support as well as did some people who weren't fans of the band but were touched by the issue via some other band.

From forums to other communities and from MySpace to Livejournal, it didn't take long until the idea had given birth to a whole new website and most importantly a loving community. In the beginning the site ran by the name of We're Okay Now -project and the main idea never was to fray but only to offer our side of the story and leave it out for interpretation.

The site offered a place to share thoughts and true stories about the good affect the band had on many lives. The stories flooded to our mailbox in light speed eventually spreading the word and actually making a difference. Later on we started to support other messages the band encouraged as well, such as being yourself, living life to the fullest and doing one good thing a day.

Wherein the bashing in the media has somewhat settled down to this date, My Living Romance is still alive as a loving community. Though our main priority is no more seeking distorted articles and e-mailing to magazines and sites, we still stand up for what we believe in and the site is still here to give hope and support to those in need.

To anyone who's tried to belong, and just didn't fit in, you are loved. To anyone who’s tried to stand out and be heard, you're admired. To anyone who’s tried to be themselves, only to be shut down, you are supported. To anyone who’s tried to kill themselves because life's unfair, you're not alone. Love you friends and love your enemies, because in the end, they'll all be kissing your ass when you make it.

Defiant to the end, we'll carry on.

3rd Manifesto
Demolition Lovers

This project is: For every My Chemical Romance -fan who was a demolition lover, who was never okay, who was welcomed to the Black Parade. For every patient, Helena & Harmless Vampire. For every single fan who may never see them play live. For those who live Life On The Murder Scene. For those who cried to The Ghost Of You. For those who cried to Famous Last Words. For those who worried about Bob & his burn. For you who helped Gerard stay sober. For everyone who is not afraid to keep on living. To all of you that care about My Chemical Romance.

Let's Crash The Cemetery Gates. We will have the band, and each other, forever.

2nd Manifesto
My winged unicorn

I am not a murderer or a suicide-author. I am just a 16-year old girl who has been kicked around by life. I have never killed anyone and I obviously haven't killed myself, I'm very much alive. I live through music, I live through a band that to me represents so much more than just sounds and lyrics. I listen to a band that sings about death and loneliness, I die a little inside and after a while I arise from my own ashes and so I'm alive again.

I should be a society's darling: pretty, controlled and quiet. I close my eyes and listen to a band with a singer who sings and screams his heart out, everything he is: nothing more nor nothing less. I am not society's darling. I am not pretty, controlled and quiet. For everyone else I'm wrong, but for this band I'm always right. When I say I want to fly with an unicorn everyone around me is telling me it's not possible. I put Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge on my record-player and it's screaming it believes in me. "Fly." When I say 'dream' it says 'reality'. When I say 'wish', it screams 'possibility'. It makes me complite. It makes me what I want to be. I'm flying with my unicorn.

My life doesn't depend on this band, but I do. I'm not assuming that this band is going to make my life easy or give me any of the answers I'm craving for. I'm not assuming that this band is going to reveal me the fucking secret of life. This band is only giving me the tools to do that myself. It gives wings to my unicorn and when I understand I am who I am and that's okay, I am able to fly with it.

"One person can't change a thing is the most fucking useless thought I've ever heard in my entire life. Life may control us but we control the world. I can't fight life but I can control my actions: I can be the one who doesn't buy a gun, who doesn't download music, who doesn't judge by looks, who does one good thing a day, who makes the world just a little bit more a better place. I can do remarkable things.

And once... Once I was stupid enough to think that I'm just one person who can't change a thing. I put on my record-player fly with my unicorn and I'm a person who can change the world.

My environment is changing, my schools are changing, my mom is getting older, my friends are changing and I am changing. My life is changing but this band doesn't leave my side. I'm a fetus, I'm still standing on the starting line: I have the right to not to know everything, I don't need to be okay. I am who I am, I'm living my life and if no-one's going to understand me, I'm still going to fucking live it.

The way this music runs through my spine and veins makes me accept myself the way I am. I know whenever I feel alone, I can put on Three Cheers and with my unicorn, I gallop to the air from the airstrip called My Chemical Romance.

1st Manifesto
Limited acceptance

"Are MCR dangerous? They wear black, their music is dark. Worried parents and overjealous journalists see My Chemical Romance as a danger. They accuse the band of writing songs that encourage their fans to commit suicide. Frontman Gerard Way retaliates: 'People who claim this haven't got anything. We want that people decide to live.' "

Stereotyping My Chemical Romance as a band that promotes self-harm/suicide is incredibly offensive to the band and their fans. It's lazy on the part of the critics who chose to join the emo-scare reporting craze without doing adequate research, and it's shameful of the parents who chose a scapegoat instead of trying to understand their kids. Self-mutilation is done as a physical release of overwhelming emotional pain, and people in general don't self-harm because of melancholy music. That's something all people need to know and respect.

Music doesn't make teens suicidal, but it does provide a crutch for those who are. The music of My Chemical Romance gives teens something to relate to, and the support of five normal people who know exactly what they're going through. The band has found a way to make life meaningful for others and gives a perfect example of surviving whatever comes ahead. Their music makes kids feel like they have purpose and somewhere to belong - a reason to live. And we do. We have a right to be in this world, and we have a right to defend the things that have helped keep us here. We have the right to stand up for the things that mean a lot to us. We have the right to stand up for our rights. We have the right to dye our hair black without hearing from others that we're emo. We have the right to listen to My Chemical Romance without everyone thinking we slit our wrists. We have the right to let a band effect our lives without other people considering it a cliche. These are our rights. Rights that everyone should have without having to fight for them.

Every day we are exposed to media that displays stunnig and flawless people, considering only those who are sociable to be healthy, and approving of individuality as long as our self-expression is 'well-adjusted' and 'normal'. The media and their limited acceptance is shaping the opinions of today's society making it non-accepting of those who won't fit the mould. My Chemical Romance encourage people to just be themselves. Media is taking our differences and making us a target because of them.

Media is raising an generation that can watch movies with violence and killing in them and download as much porn on their computer as they want to, but have to be rescued by censoring words like "gun" from music videos. It's producing movies and tv-shows with raw violence in them, making kids believe that if anything bad happens, they'll get it sorted by stealing a gun and taking away their own life, or someone else's. It's producing porn that creates pressure on kids that already find it hard to fit in 'cause they aren't skinny enough. Magazines that have created a wronged picture of beauty makes kids with freckles, glasses and braces want to get rid of them. Rid of the things that personality is about.

Kids judge each other by the way that they look like. If you are not Ana Carolina Reston, you are fat. If you don't have the face of Megan Fox, you're ugly. If you don't have the breasts of Pamela Anderson, you're a boy. Naturality is a rare quality and we only want to be ourselves, listen to the music we like and dress the way we want to. Are these our crimes? Media is trying to crush and ruin our identity and blame us for trying to be something else. For what? Music and genuine bands like My Chemical Romance are the only breathing slot for many people and media is trying to convince parents about those bands being a bad thing.

Instead of fighting against emo and the bands you think are related to it, how about having a little faith to the new generation? "Emo" is nothing but a voice from the past that has been ruined by the media. Try having a little faith in the growing generation, because right now the bands you're trying to destroy are the only ones that do.

My Chemical Romance has always cared for their fans and wanted to change the world - make it a better place. They are against violence, against self-mutilation, against suicide, against cutting, against homophobia, against war, against all these things that people are afraid of. It's a friendship. They stand up for us - we stand up for them. And most of all, they have taught us to stand up for ourselves. So stand up fucking tall, support us and fight the good fight. This organization is us standing up for the fact that we're okay. We don't want to fight, this project is just our side of the story, that we leave out for interpretation.

Stand up for your right to simply be who you are; to listen to whatever music you want andd dress the way you want. Stand up for the band that gave so many people the strenght to live when they no longer knew how. The more media says My Chemical Romance is bad, the more we prove media wrong.