About the videos:

"Your videos are just too amazing and true. We need to stand up fucking tall and lead this army. The MCRmy. Thank you for the videos. They made me cry. Thank you.

"Oh, wow. This is so amazing. I love it. Every one of these vids made me cry. It's so well's perfect. I'm speechless. Thank you so much."

"These videos you have on here put chills down my spine and tears in my eyes."

"Absolutely amazing. The fans are one of a kind. The unity we have and the belief in each other is unmatched and they taught us that. They brought us together and taught us to be ourselves and fuck what everyone else thinks. We're an army and we won't stand down. They fight for us and we fight for them. They helped me put my blade down and I haven't cut in months. They honestly saved my life. It kills me that I'll probably never get to thank them."

"Wow, this was amazing. I wish I could make something like all these videos, maybe I'll try. I will. But thank you for posting these. This one touched me so much. The girl seemed like me, if u no what I mean."

"Beautiful. So beautiful."

"My god. Your videos always bring tears to my eyes. This video was like watching my life... right when I first saw the 'Helena' video on tv, I was automatically in love, and honestly, my life got so much better after that day. I'm so thankful for MCR.<3

"I'm speechless. Though the video itself is simple, all these quotes made me cry. I hope people see this and finally understand what someone had gone through. Thank you." 

"This video is awesome. It's fantastic, and after all that pain it shows there's a spark of hope in the end. That small spark, which might be a smile, or one word, can be all that someone needs to decide not to end his/her life. This makes me think, and I hope this makes everybody think, not only the fans, and teenagers. This whole project itself is already a quite brilliant thing." 

"Wow, this was fantastic. I don't know if there's any words to describe how beautiful that was, it had me crying for a bit there. Thank you." "Wow. I'm speechless... just, WOW. That was amazing."

"Wow. I'm going through a tough time now, and I'm living off of hope. This gave me a lot of strength. It's gorgeous and beautiful."